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Welcome to Makuu, where sustainability meets sophistication in the world of textiles. We’re your premier source for eco-conscious hemp fabric solutions specially crafted for boats, motorhomes, eco-hotels and country houses. Step into a world of timeless elegance, durability, and environmental responsibility as you explore our exceptional range of sustainable hemp textiles.

Two friends from Finland, seasoned sailors and Finnish “saunamökki” lovers, cherished the sea and were always concerned about Planet well-being. As we sailed, we recalled hemp’s historical role in sailmaking, renowned for its strength and eco-friendliness. Inspired, we founded Makuu, offering sustainable hemp fabric solutions for boats, motorhomes, and eco-hotels and country houses.

Today, Makuu stands as a testament to their journey, offering luxury and eco-consciousness. Join us in celebrating the legacy of hemp in maritime history while embracing a greener lifestyle.

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Make your unplugged life even more comfortable with Makuu™ 100% hemp textiles

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hemp ?​

Hemp, a strain of Cannabis Sativa, is a wonderfully diverse plant, known for its variety of uses throughout human history. Cultivated or grown mainly for either it’s stalk fibre or seeds for food, the leaves and roots also have many medicinal qualities. Cannabis strains must contain less than 0.3% THC to be classed as hemp. The hemp plant has a deep taproot, giving it the ability to grow in dry conditions.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana ?

Although strains of the same plant family, hemp and marijuana are very unlike. Both plants are cannabis, but scientifically their chemical properties, morphology and their uses by humans are completely different. One key difference is that hemp contains very little to no THC, whereas marijuana plants are grown in order for the THC to be very high.

What parts of the hemp plant can we consume ?

Hemp is amazing in its diversity of uses for human consumption. Medicinal, dietary, cosmetically, building & clothing to name a few areas that people over the centuries have utilised the plant. Currently in New Zealand the seeds are the only part of the plant that we can consume as a food product. Licensing and regulations mean we are unable to put any other part of the crop in our nutritional products. 

Where is your hemp grown ?

All of our hemp is grown in European Union: Belgium, France, Romania. The climate and soil types are ideal for hemp and the addition of a new rotational crop provides local family farmers with a welcome source of income and soil revitalisation in a drought-prone area.

Are your hemp products organic ?

All chemicals and dyestuff we are using in our production is safe, ecological and certified.

Is all of your packaging compostable ?

Thinking sustainably we witnessed staggering statistics of plastic pollution in our world. We realised the problem and became concerned about the excessive use of disposable plastic not in our daily lives but also in business. Even a little step towards sustainable business is a great hope to the future of our planet. We understand we must think globally and act locally. Pack from nature made from sustainable plants – corn, non toxic, compostable resin.

Is EU producing hemp ?

Hemp is a crop grown across Europe. In recent years the area dedicated to hemp cultivation has increased significantly in the EU from 20,540 hectares (ha) in 2015 to 33,020 ha in 2022 (a 60% increase). In the same period, the production of hemp increased from 97,130 tonnes to 179,020 tonnes (a 84.3% increase). France is the largest producer, accounting for more than 60% of EU production, followed by Germany (17%) and The Netherlands (5%).

Does hemp fabric shrink ?

Shrinkage depends on your exact washing conditions. Everytime it can be different, usually: Warp ~3-4%, weft ~1-2%.

What are some other uses of hemp?

Hemp is used to make a variety of commercial and industrial products, including rope, clothing, shoes, food, paper, bioplastics, insulation, and biofuel.

Is hemp easy to harvest ?

Hemp is like many other crops that our farmers grow and harvest for our food consumption. It requires specific equipment for harvest, contractors who have knowledge and experience, and timing. Moisture levels play a key part in growers deciding the right time to harvest. As our farmers practise, experiment and learn as they do with any other new crop in their farming systems, the industry will gradually get to the point where the harvest is no more difficult than any other plant

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